Fly Fish New England

TU Trip to Androscoggin for Alder Fly Hatch


Annual Fishing Trip

Merrimack River Valley Chapter Trout Unlimited

Special all-inclusive fishing trip to Androscoggin River during Alder Fly and hexagenia hatches in June 2011

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Mollidgewock Campground - Erroll, NH

Jim Norton and Bruce Tedford organizing the steak cookout

Alan Lutz, Tom Jutras,

Swapping fish tales before dinner


Dave Merry leading the cook-out crew


Jerry Bernier, Richard Ruh, Beth Poulin

Where? How big? What did he take?

Bethany Poulin, Richard Ruh, Mac Duhaime

Where will you fish tonight after dinner?

Dave Merry, Pete Depontriand, Beth Poulin

Enjoying good company while the smoke keeps bugs away

Richard Ruh

Richard Ruh navigating the muck in the dark during the hex hatch.

hex hatch wild native New Hampshire brook trout

Gerry Crow with wild, native brook trout from special regs pond in Erroll, NH caught on hex emerger

Androscoggin River Rainbow trout caught on alder Fly dry from New Hampshire Rivers  Guide Drift Boat

Gerry with Androscoggin rainbow caught from NH Rivers Guide Service drift boat

Saturday Night Steak Cook-out

The steak and chicken cook-out is the highlight of the trip, allowing old and new members to socialize and share experiences.