Fly Fish New England

BSC Trip to Erroll, NH (and Rapid River)


Lower Dam on the Rapid River - Home to 5-Pound Native Brook Trout

"Small" Rapid River Brook Trout - Caught on a Pheasant Tail nymph in the surface film

Fishing the "Spawning Beds" on the Rapid River

Great Northwoods Get-a-way Cabins - BSC HQ for Spring 2004 Conference

High Water Flow on the Upper Magalloway River

Celebrating the 29th Conference of the Bull Salmon Club in Errol, NH

Magalloway River Looking Upstream from Aziscohos Lake - The River is a Lake!

No. 10 Camp Bridge Pool is Almost Part of Aziscohos Lake with Lake at Full Pool


Fishing the evening hatch on Bear Brook Pond

A good place to get away from black flies and rehash the day's fishing events

Lower Dam of Rapid River with Stone logging piers