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Fishing Southwest Florida for Snook, Redfish and Tarpon


Everglades and Ding Darling

In January 2006 I took a trip to Florida and spent a couple days fishing the canals and backcountry waters for tarpon, snook and redfish.  I was fortunate to spend some time with Marshall Demott, a guide who splits the year between Maine and Florida..  His web site Fly Anglers Guide also has a number of pictures of the trip. Marshall is an expert fisherman, an outstanding guide and an all-around good guy - but then again, most fly fishers are, aren't they?  If you need a guide in the Naples, Florida or Fairfield, Maine areas, give Marshall a call.


Here are a couple videos you might enjoy if you have a broadband Internet connection:


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Marshall with a nice snook he was kind enough to land for me.

These gators were basking in the sun, while snook were boiling on the mullet all around them.  One snook got too close to one gator and either ended up as lunch or one scared snook when the gator launched himself at the fish.

Good advice!

I spent a day with Pete Scribner fishing the Ding-Darling Wildlife preserve on Sanibel Island.  We saw lots of birds, a huge saltwater crocodile, but only a few fish.  It was a great day to be one the water - good fishing, but poor catching.for me - Pete caught a few, as you can see.

Pete with a redfish he caught near the end of the day

There were lots of mullet fry around and this fly was a good imitation.  Tarpon and snook on the Tamiami Trail canals went after it pretty good.