Fly Fish New England

Little Lyford Pond Camps, Maine

The Bull Salmon Club (BSC) went to Little Lyford Pond Camps fopr the Fall trip.  LLPC is about 20 miles west of Greenville, Maine on a gated logging road.  The camps were orginally built in 1873 and were recently bought and are operated by the Applachian Mountain Club. The camps are on the West Branch of the Pleasant River and on the shore of the two Little Lyford ponds.

Moose are very common in the area.  We were fishing in Little Lyford Pond one evening when this large bull came out of the trees and strolled down to the pond to eat some water weeds.  We paddled pretty close to him.  He just kept on eating and didn't pay much attention to us.

Here is a movie (3.5MB)

In addition to moose, we saw this buck, doe and fawn frrlicking on the beach at Long Pond.  We paddled to withing 100 yards of the deer before they spooked and ran ionto the woods.  We caught some brook trout here and Mac had a LDR (long distance release) on a nice salmon.

Mac and I took a ride to see the Kathdin Ironworks, an abandoned iron smelter built in the 18880s This is the kiln where they made charcoal to heat the smelter..

We stopped by the East Outlet (Kennebec River near Moosehead Lake.) Caught some nice Salmon.