Fly Fish New England


In June '09 the BSC spent a few days fishing the West Branch of the Penobscot below Ripogeous Gorge. We had caddis and little yellow Sally stoneflies hatching just about all day. Our best spot was the run above Big Eddy and below the Telos bridge cribworks/falls. My (Gerry's) best fly was the chartreuse Usual, which accounted for over 30 salmon the second day of the trip. The week after our trip the big caddis hatch came off, but we had great fishing anyway.

We only caught small brookies in the lake. The cabins were nice, but it was quite a drive (17+ miles) to reach the river.



The fishing on the Penobscot was really good, but we were disappointed with the lake. We had heard great things about the big brook trout, but we didn't see evidence of any. Maybe we didn't hit the right spots at the right time, but . . .

Also, not every spot on the West Branch produced very well. Little Eddy, Holbrook pool, Nesowndehunk Falls all were less productive than in past times. Overall it was a great trip.


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